Harrisville Designs Nightshades

Harrisville Designs Nightshades

$ 29.50

Product description

DK Weight, woolen-spun American Cormo & Wool.

Ten delicate shades of black, created for every mood and marbled with a dusting of color. This 3-ply American cormo and wool combine to form a light and airy DK weight yarn that is soft and distinct.

Featuring: talk radio. dashboard. last call. vcr. insomnia. street light. cinder. fever dream. 12:57. static.

100 gram skein (3.5 oz.), approx. 250 yards

Needle Gauge:

US 5 - 22 sts = 4? US 6 - 20 sts = 4? US 7 - 18 sts = 4?

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